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You will find some of our fine and unique petite pastries below. You can order these in assorted trays for HORECA or in sorted trays for bakeries and confectionery shops. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a special type you have not found.




Lemon Tart


Lemon filling in a tartlet shell




Carac Tart


Dark Truffle filling with green decor




      Margritli Flower 


     Butter dough filled with raspberry marmelade






Aromatic Hazelnut filling between two layers of 

crispy hazelnut japonais




 Chocolate Coin


 Raspberry marmelade between two coins made of

 chocolate-butter dough





Truffle Tart


Fresh cream truffle filling in a tartlet shell, decorated with a printed chocolate lid






Aromatic hazelnut filling in a tartlet shell






Butter dough filled with raspberry marmelade




            Amaretti handmade


              Classic amaretti without filling and a high content

            of almonds




                   Kirsch-Amaretti handmade


                   filled with Amaretto-Truffle filling, partially enrobed

                  with dark chocolate



Assortment of Kosher Petite Pastries


A selection of high quality kosher petite pastries in OU-Pareve quality.