Corporate and Client Gifts

There are nearly endless possibilities for individual corporate and client gifts, and time and again we are positively surprised by the creativity of our customers.


Are you planning a company gift with your logo, a larger gift for Christmas with multiple items, or simply a speciality with your name on it? We will be happy to receive your creative ideas and show you various options to implement them. Even if you should require only a small quantity or are under time pressure: We will actively support you and find solutions. We guarantee a fast production and timely delivery. We view minimum quantities and fast deliveries as a sporty challenge.


For special forms and packaging, which need to be ordered from our suppliers, we will require four to six weeks for implementation.    


We will be happy to create a customised quote upon request, and soon you will make your clients smile in an instant. This way you will remain unforgettable.


We will be happy to create a customised product for you at an attractive price.




        Diameter 12 cm, Weight 75 g

       filled with raspberry marmelade

       corporate logo on sugar plate




       Round cookie 
        Diameter 9 cm, Weight 75 g

       filled with raspberry marmelade

       corporate logo pressed into the dough






         Swiss Airline Cookie

          Size 5 cm, Weight 45 g  
         filled with raspberry marmelade 




         Cookie S

          Diameter 9 cm, weight 75 g  
         filled with apricot marmelade

         corporate logo pressed into the dough







             Cookie South America

             Diameter 9 cm, Weight 75 g
            filled half apricot and half kiwi marmelade

             decorated with chocolate





Cookie Swiss Bank
Size 4 cm, Weight 40 g
filled with raspberry marmelade in 

flow pack





 Cookie Star

 Diameter 7 cm, Weight: 90 g
 two layers of dough and raspberry 

 marmelade, decorated with sugar





Swiss-Giant-Mountain Cookie 

Special order for book presentation Size 70cm






Christmas Star

Diameter 4 cm, Weight 11 g
in personalized flow pack





mit bedrucktem Schokoladen-Dekor,

nach Wunsch mit Ihrem Logo





Gewicht: 200 g,
Kleber mit Ihrem Logo oder Schokoladen-Aufleger mit Ihrem Logo.