IIn 1940, the Hefti family opened a classic bakery and confectionery in Engi, canton of Glarus. In 1968, their son David Hefti took over the company. His innovative ideas led to an expansion of the company, as more and more semi-finished products such as pastry tartlet shells were being sold to other bakeries. Based on these semi-finished products a new business line was formed: Desserts for airlines.


In 2002, the existing premises were no longer adequate and the bakery and confectionery moved its premises to a spacious building in Engi Hinterdorf. The manufacture of the pastry bowls remained at the previous location and this facilitated a higher kosher certification from the USA. In 2008, the company Glarner Feingebäck AG took over all the activities of the business which had been previously family-run. 


Pictures of the prodcution facility Hinterdorf (built as a Weaving Mill) around 1914