Chocolate samples for corporate and client gifts

Express your appreciation for your client with something sweet that will surely be well received. The delicately caramelized hazelnuts and almonds make this gift a real joy which will render it unforgettable to the recipient.         


Our customers greatly appreciate that a 100g bar of chocolate can be ordered with an individualised tab from a quantity of 100 bars. Or do you not want to restrict yourself to only one type of product? Then the sachet (at the top centre) with three small bars in milk, white and dark chocolate with caramelized nuts might be the right choice for you.      


Would you prefer a stable cardboard box with your logo? That is also a possibility. Feel free to ask us and together we can draw up a creative solution according to your wishes.



Customer favorites:


White Chocolate with whole caramelized Almonds and Pistachios


Milk Chocolate with whole caramelized Hazelnuts


Milk Chocolate with toffee 


Milk Chocolate with whole caramelized Almonds


Dark Chocolate with whole caramlized Hazelnuts