Seasonal promotional gifts

With seasonal promotional gifts you can create a surprise for your customers every season, or even use them for trade fairs or employee events.        


Many of our customers are longstanding customers who have a cookie cutter or moulding roller made and order it again each year, depending on the production. Long delivery times are omitted and after the first purchase of the forms you will benefit from the attractive prices.              


Alternatively, you can work with meshes, stickers or other packaging materials that you have at your place. We will stage your logo with your material at no additional cost.


Request us for a non-binding offer.






                      Small Cinamon Star

                    Size: 4 cm, Weight: 11 g
packed in printed flowpack




Gingerbread or Biberli (Gingerbread filled with a layer of almond-marzipan) 

Size: 6x4 cm, Weight: 45 g
decorted with a eadible decor, printed with your logo or claim





Sweet Snow Man

Size: 17 cm, Weight: 150 g
decorated with a eadible decor, printed with your logo or claim





             Size: 13x9 cm, Weight75 g

with your logo and packed in flow pack




Size: 13x9  cm, Weight 75 g
with your logo, packed in flow pack and

an additional printed carboard sleeve






                        Christmas Cookies assorted

                       Weight 80 - 200 g
                       filled with our best choice of handmade

                       Christmas cookies, decorated with your